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STRATeBEN’s clients have seen unprecedented results by employing our sophisticated strategies backed up by our high performance tools. STRATeBEN’s average client health plan increase is less than 3% per year compared to an industry average trending between 8-12%.

Given the rapid increase in plan costs and the impact on a business' viability, powerful tools are required to effectively manage the trend of health care costs into the future.  STRATeBEN's proprietary approach of connecting innovative technology with focused health management is an industry leading strategy designed to place our clients in a position to manage - if not dictate - their health plan trend.


By using our unique prospective plan management tools, our care management Personal Health Nurses (PHNs) know exactly who will require additional attention in order to improve the quality of care while at the same time reducing health care spending. We use these sophisticated tools to sort through copious amounts of data in order to identify the patients that can be helped through clinically based care, treatment plans, and cost reduction strategies. These tools are used by the largest and most sophisticated organizations in the country and are the cornerstone of our health cost trend management approach.


Access to financial and clinical data is critical to our success in improving healthcare outcomes and reducing costs. That is true for an employer health plan, a provider system, or other type of Health Care organization. Only by accessing dynamic and critical health data and then turning that into meaningful health decision support information, can we make effective plan benefits and health management decisions.

STRATeBEN utilizes as well as maintains a robust, leading edge medical and pharmacy data warehouse, which provides a web-based reporting solution, predictive data analytics, and population/member health usage tools. This is true health advocacy at its best.