Health Insurance Reform Compliance and Financial Risk Analysis

Reform Analysis and Financial Risk Management

Health Insurance Reform - aka ObamaCare - will have a dramatic effect on American businesses. As Certified Healthcare Reform Specialists (CHRS), Strateben recognizes the changes this puts on employers and we have developed tools to analyze the impact of the law and financial modeling tools to guide employers in navigating important business decisions to ensure their overall success and survival.

Strateben has invested the time and resources to become experts in the Health Care Reform legislation.  It is a complex and confusing set of regulations that require careful and detailed analysis to navigate.  Please visit our Health Care Reform Resources page for information on the law.

Compliance and Financial Modeling:

  • Plan quality testing-identify potential problems resulting in penalties
  • Plan financial affordability testing-identify problems resulting in penalties
  • Part-time worker analysis-identify financial risk of additional insureds
  • "Unqualified" waiver analysis-identify financial risk of additional insureds